23 Kas 2009

Copenhagen 2009

The process for the climate, which started in Rio in 1992, continues in Copenhagen in December 7-12, 2009. ( http://www.unep.org/Documents.Multilingual/Default.asp?DocumentID=78&ArticleID=1163)

After the Kyoto Protocol, the new deal for the climate, for Earth and for our future will be discussed in Copenhagen. In 2012, the Kyoto Protocol to prevent climate change and global warming expires. To keep the process on track, there is an urgent need for a new climate protocol. The 2009 conference in Copenhagen is the last time the parties of the UNFCCC will meet on a government level before the climate agreement has to be renewed.

Governmental representatives from 170 countries are expected to be in Copenhagen in the days of the conference accompanied by other NGOs, journalists and others. In total 8000 people are expected to be in Copenhagen in the days of the climate meeting.

Our expectation from Copenhagen is an equal and fair climate deal. Renewable energies should be encouraged and funds should be formed for developing countries so that they can invest in clean technologies.

We only have one planet and this might be the last chance to take it back. What this fragile Earth needs is not lots of politicians discussing their political anxieties, but leaders who are doing their best for the climate.

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